What are Aligners and Why you should get them only from an Orthodontist

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What are Aligners?

Aligners are orthodontic devices which are transparent dental braces, made up of moulded plastic. Used for improving the poor alignment of teeth. In other words, Aligners can be understood as an upgraded version of the traditional braces made of superior thermoplastic material.

Traditional braces are a frame of metal wires and brackets that remains fixed on the teeth and cannot be removed while eating.

There are various aligners available in the market but Invisalign aligners are considered as best in the Orthodontist community.

How do Aligners work?

Aligners are a series of superior-quality plastic trays that are comfortable and easy to use in comparison to traditional braces. These aligners apply gentle pressure on the teeth to create movements that help to improve the alignment of teeth over time.

Are Aligners Better Than Traditional Braces?

Firstly current status of the teeth is recorded using 3D digital scanners to create a detailed and precise 3D model. The orthodontist now accurately plans the dental correction therapy to achieve the desired results.

Aligners are then created in a series of transparent mouthpieces. When worn, maintain gentle pressure on the teeth and help to gradually improve the teeth alignment.

Traditional braces are kept fixed during the entire teeth alignment process, whereas these Aligners can be removed and worn accordingly.

Benefits of Aligners

  • Aligners are transparent because of which they are not noticeable to people.
  • There is no food eating restrictions while using aligners.
  • It takes a shorter duration to correct the alignment of the teeth with aligners.
  • Aligners allow much more efficient brushing of the teeth than it is possible with fixed braces.
  • Unlike the traditional braces that cannot be removed during the entire treatment, Aligners can be placed and removed easily according to your need.
  • Aligners allow flossing of the teeth and maintain better oral hygiene than is possible with braces.
  • Aligners are much more comfortable to use in comparison to the metal-framed Traditional Braces.
  • Aligners are safer and easy to maintain even by the kids.
  • Does not require a frequent visit to the clinic whereas in the case of metal braces the person needs to frequently visit the clinic for tightening of fixed braces.
  • Aligners help to beautifully straighten your teeth in less time.

Cons of Aligners

  • Very high compliance is required from the patient for successful aligner treatment. Since the trays can be worn and removed by the patient themselves, unlike fixed braces, the patient’s sincerity and commitment are required towards the treatment.
  • The treatment cost is higher with aligners than with fixed braces.
  • Severe, complicated cases may require some fixed attachments and elastics along with aligners.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the brand name of the aligners that are manufactured by Align technology.

Clear aligners by Invisalign

Invisalign Clear Aligners are considered to be one of the best Aligners. These aligners are made of transparent BPA-free plastic and are considered the most comfortable to use by both kids and adults. Being transparent they are not easily noticeable by people.

Who is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dentists that are highly specialized in diagnosing, preventing and treating jaw irregularities. These dentists specialise in correcting the poor alignment of teeth through various procedures, one of which is Invisalign treatment.

Why visit an Orthodontist for Invisalign treatment?

As we know above, an Orthodontist is a specialized dentist whose field of expertise is the correction of crooked teeth. So, it becomes very important for us to consult an Orthodontist before going through the Aligners treatment.

Getting Aligners from an untrained person can cause severe problems. Because Orthodontist is the only person who can correctly diagnose the problem and provide the best option and treatment in a highly effective way.

Invisalign aligners can only be used by Certified Orthodontist.

Where can you take Aligner treatment in Mohali?

There are various Orthodontists in Mohali. But when we plan our treatment, we always search for the best doctor for our treatment.

Dr Saran Gill is an Invisalign Certified Orthodontist in Mohali, considered one of the best Orthodontists in the region.

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