Tooth Jewelry

The concept and demand of dental jewelry is fast picking up globally, and India cannot remain untouched. The fine Indian Jewelry is already famously exported throughout the world. Besides non precious jewelry for teeth, the style statement for precious jewelry for tooth is increasingly becoming a part of cosmetic dentistry. A prospect for smile makeovers does not necessarily have to be a print media or TV model, Bollywood, Hollywood movie star or celebrity of national or international stature. The trend for teeth jewelry in semi-precious and precious white metals like silver and platinum as well as pure solid white or yellow gold is equally fast catching up with young and matures alike. Patients with anterior dental implants also get their dental crowns & bridges adorned with dental jewelry of choice.

Diamonds are forever!

The design and development in wide range are getting noticed throughout the dental professional circles. Everybody needs a little extra sparkle in their life from time to time and dental professionals are happy offering tooth jewelry from their repertoire of cosmetic dental care services. India dentists clinics offer a new, trendy and popular service, meeting a strong and growing demand from an interesting and well defined target group. The highest quality dental jewelry is entering the market, offering a well tuned assortment of the best crafted jewelry in pure solid gold and brilliant cut pure diamonds, sapphires, rubies and rainbow crystals. To really be glamorous, tantalize your teeth with top-quality tooth jewelry!

  • It's temporary
  • It's painless
  • It's fun
  • No drilling or holes
  • Does not harm the tooth

The recent developments in the designs are such that the use of dental jewelry can be placed on a tooth without cutting into the natural tooth structure. The bonding procedure has also been simplified and is completely reversible and safe. Most tooth jewelry placement procedures leave the tooth intact and allows easy removable, similar to an orthodontic bracket and can easily be performed. Depending upon the type and purpose of tooth jewelry opted, and consequently its bonding material, this finished product will last for about four months to four years! It is important, that you the patient, know that this procedure is not permanent.

If the tooth jewelry is to be worm for a short duration or for some specific occasion as oral fashion statement, the non-invasive, non-precious type tooth decoration is recommended. However, opting for precious or non precious metals and crystals or diamonds is just a matter of personal choice.

The surface of the modern dental jewelry contacting with your teeth, is processed in special way in order to achieve strong and long lasting adhesive fixing. Few of the designs in assortment can be seen below, and the treating cosmetic dentist may offer full or popular jewelry range thereof to choose from.