Single Visit Treatment

"Single visit Endodontics versus multiple visit Endodontics".

For decades‚ this topic has triggered many a battle royal pitting practitioners against academicians, juniors against seniors and not to mention endodontist against endodontits

In recent years‚ with the advent of rotary Ni-Ti, single visit Endodontics has gained increased acceptance as the treatment of choice for most endodontic cases. In spite of the recent developments‚ most practitioners are reluctant to do single visit endodontics.

Reasons For Not Doing Single Visit Endodontics by some Practitioners:

Some of the most common reasons are :-
  • Fear of post-op pain.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Lack of time.
  • Lack of clinical experience.
  • Lack of equipment.
  • Fear of being "unconventional".
  • Fear of patient not accepting single visit endodontics

Advantages Single Visit Endodontics :

  • Patient comfort: This is undoubtedly the biggest advantage. Patients are absolutely thrilled with the idea of root canal treatment in a single visit. The major reason for the increased patient acceptance is the reduced number of injections (who wants to take injections?). The other comfort factor is reduced number of visits to the dental clinic. (The dental clinic can hardly be classified under dream destinations).
  • No interappointment pain: Single visit endodontics eliminate the flare-ups caused because of leakage of the temporary cement.
  • Saves time: In today’s world‚ the most precious commodity is time. Single visit endodontics saves many hours of the patient’s time and hundreds of hours of the clinician’s time.
  • Minimizes fear and anxiety: Single visit endodontics is a boon to the apprehensive patient. For these patients, the psychological trauma starts at the very thought of going to the dentist. Add to that the trauma of going through multiple injections. Single visit endodontics builds confidence and motivation in such patients.
  • Minimizes incomplete treatment: Although not very common‚ some patients do not return to complete the root canal treatment. Single visit endodontics minimizes the occurrence of these "disappearing" patients.
  • Familiarity of the canal anatomy: This is the most important factor from a clinician’s point of view. Each pulp space has its own intricate anatomical variations and it takes a while for a clinician to become familiar with these. Multiple visits would require re-familiarization leading to loss of time and frustration.